This is the second book in the Money and Marriage book series. This book was designed to be a tool to be used by people considering marriage. If you make the right choice of partner for marriage you will have a chance that the marriage will last a lifetime.

If you respond to your compulsive feelings, make a quick choice or jump into marriage because of a sexual attraction your chance of having a long term relationship are slim.

Money and Marriage-For Engaged Couples introduces the “choosing process” and provides an outline in how to get to know your partner before jumping into marriage. The book contains suggestions in how to ask the right questions, gain the trust and look for the honesty in your partner before marriage. This book is a helpful working guide in how to bring up for discussion difficult topics so that you get a chance to know your partner and then can evaluate your chances for good financial success and the prospects of building a great romantic relationship together.

The book offers ideas in how to be a good, romantic, loving marriage partner. The book heightens the chance for you to build a great relationship and a strong financial future.

  • Let’s Talk
  • Marriage-Getting Involved
  • Dating and Getting Engaged
  • Do We Live Together
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • The Marriage Test—Steps Leading Up To Your Wedding
  • Our Uniqueness, Freedom and Independence
  • Your Willingness to Examine Change and Adjustment
  • Life Together-Why Do Marriages Fail?-The Skills to Succeed
  • Discovering Your Money Differences
  • Amount and Level of Connection
  • Plans and Goals
  • Keeping your Independence and Identity
  • Merging Ideas
  • Remarriage: The Challenges Before You
  • Spirituality
  • Nine Steps To Marriage Happiness

Enjoy your reading keeping in mind the number one cause of divorce is the money bickering and battling going on in married households.

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