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Steven Pybrum has been a radio talk show host and producer of the radio program “Tax Tips.” The syndicated columnist that brought you the articles “Business Cents” and “Agri-Business Tax Tips” they articles appeared in the nations magazines and newspapers.

Steve has appeared on more than 100 television news broadcasts and day time talk shows, 400 national and regional radio talk shows, bringing education and information about money and marriage topics and new financial planning and tax ideas that would help married couples build together a strong financial future.

Steve is a inspiring speaker and key note speaker to fortune 100 companies covering the topics of leadership and productivity and how to build a business relationship with coworkers to form a team to work together to achieve the goals set by upper management. Steve is also a consultant and counselor to CEO’s and helps with a CEO mentoring program. Steve also helps the C-Suite members work together well and lead the employees with skills, training and information.

From time to time Steve offers married couples courses and retreats to discuss a range of matters and issues that deal with husbands and wives working together to grow their relationship and build a strong financial future.


Marriage Tips

The national money and marriage project ran from 1995 to 2006 a systematic approach to help with financial literacy, relationship counseling, financial planning and a method in how to discuss finances with your spouse in a healthy way.. Steve Pybrum author of Money and Marriage series of books is available for media appearances and corporate speaking engagements and kick off corporate conventions with Steve as your Key Note Speaker.


Money and Marriage

Making it Work Together

Drawing from the study of psychology and the field of financial planning, this book is the careful fusing and blending of psychology and finance to help married couples build for their household a system of dealing with family finances in a healthy and disclosed way that assures the couple and enables them the chance to build in and upward direction their financial net worth.

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Money and Marriage

For Engaged Couples

This is the second book in the Money and Marriage book series. This book was designed to be a tool to be used by people considering marriage. If you make the right choice of partner for marriage you will have a chance that the marriage will last a lifetime.

If you respond to your compulsive feelings, make a quick choice or jump into marriage because of a sexual attraction your chance of having a long term relationship are slim.

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